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Please fill out and submit our Rental Application.
Have your current employer fill out the employment verification and your current landlord fill out the "landlord verification".
Once all three forms have been received by us, the application will be submitted for review and we will follow-up with you promptly.
Please call us with any questions you may have!

IMPORTANT: There is no charge for applyin,g but we will not process your applications until we have all forms required.
You may use the "paypal" button to make a holding deposit( half of the total deposit) if you would like to hold the unit for 48 hours upon approval.

Marsh Properties offers apartments, town houses, single family homes and commercial office space for lease in the Casper area. 
Our properties are clean, safe and conveniently located throughout Casper. 

Why not rent?  While many people would prefer to own their own home, there are advantages to renting a home rather than buying it. People who rent not only save money, but they also avoid some of the hectic problems that come with owning a home, like paying taxes. Here are a few of the many advantages to renting:

#1 Less Expensive - Most of the time, you will find that the payments to rent a home are much cheaper than those to own a home.

#2 No Maintenance - Do you like to mow, paint, or change out appliances?

#3 Landlord Fixes Problems - Do you know how to fix a leaking pipe or a broken water heater?

#4 No Taxes - When you own a home you not only have to have your home insured and pay mortgage payments, but you also have to pay taxes/insurance on your home and the property that it sits on.

Qualification for rental approval includes:
1. Income in excess of three times the rental amount plus any utilities.
2. Credit score of 575 or more (with no bad debts associated with previous rental history).
3. Completed employment verification and current landlord verification (third party verified).
4. Personal references (if no landlord history).
Here are a few of our rental properties